Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let's wipe away some of the tears.

Yes, we must.

Had a sad and disturbing experience, today at our college.

It went this way.
She had been sweeping the first floor. I went to her and when she saw me, she smiled as she usually does.
I smiled back and asked her to pray for me. She assured me she'll. I was happy and was about to leave as I was busy on CGPU duty.

She then somehow spoke more. I never wanted to listen to any sad stories. To be frank, I sometimes weep in my heart, listening to sad stories. And I feared I would.

She said, she'd two children who were totally paralyzed years ago. Her husband too has got some troubles of paralysis. From her talks I could make out that her children were struck with Polio virus.

Her home hasn't got a good toilet. She said, she'd to pull her children to get them to the toilet. Some of our college students had managed to get a wheel-chair for one of the children. The wheel-chair is damaged now. She'd not cooked anything at home on that day.

She sometimes wept saying these. I had only some words to console. I said. "ellam sariyakum". what else could I do?

She never forgot to mention some of the names who helped her with words, tears and money. Names who paid a visit to her (almost) home.

I found truth and power in her words. She was wonderfully optimistic. Though she suffered so much she always kept the best thing on her face, "smile".

I've never seen her complaining to anyone about her fate.

God, has given us so much that we waste it somehow. Our campus is so alive. We see many fights. All meant to show our dominance. All meant for nothing at last. Some say It is how a campus has to be. Is it?

Is destruction and hatred that is to be spread among the people who have the potential to change the world?
This is the age when you at least can expect the best to happen in this world. As you grow up, constrains crowd around you. And then you cannot even imagine a change.

So no fights and other craps in campus... Let's all be creative and constructive. why fight?
though, the campus burns not alone due to clashes, I hate them the most and so I mention it.]

Let's help this woman and other people who are suffering.
She's a woman, looking after her bedridden husband and children. Still she's hopeful. So why be we hopeless?

Let's bring about a change.... Yes, we must.

I've found some people to whom I spoke about this and all of them responded very much positively.

I welcome any opinion about fund raising for this cause.

mail me at :
speak to me: 09567613061

Everyone who reads this, please, please think on it.

For more detail, just write to me. You are not alone on this path. Let's go together.


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