Thursday, February 25, 2010


From here onwards, I would like to take my coat of desperation off me and do something inspirational. I’m just experimenting this. I was told by my friend, a very good friend that I must do something motivational to the world.

But how can I forget the moon, which also rises and sets, when sun is only praised for its setting beauty? None actually looks at the moon. Everyone praises the sun. So I promise to keep my heart open for the moon. I’ll speak for the moon. I’ll speak for those ignored. I’ll speak for those who suffer.

Yes, Inspirational and motivational. I’ve to inspire you, which I don’t think I can be successful in. Let my ideas which can never be different from any good people on earth, inspire everyone of us including me. Let this start with relationships, because without one, we cannot survive.
To start a relationship you must talk. To maintain one, you must talk. And to end one, you must talk. Remember, not to let silence talk.

Prejudice is the one who determines the depth of a relationship. Don’t let that happen. Let us decide the depth of our relationships. Prejudice, good or bad is always bad.
Show your heart open before the relationship is made, so that she/he doesn’t need to ask for it.
Unconditional love: It’ll be amazing and addictive if we practice this. This is that kind of love in which none expects anything. Just the love (the Divine River which flows from soul to soul and reaches God) flows itself. What we need to do is to ease the flow by removing the obstacles. And then let love alone speak.

[A special kind of relationship that I always would like to discuss and still I’m left with doubt is the kind of love appearing as a question. I still am confused with this love and infatuation. I still do not know if it is conditional or unconditional. I still do not understand. May be, one day I will, and then think of sharing it with you all]

If we know about starting and maintaining relationships, we will soon learn about other aspects of life. And we will surely be the most successful persons. But we should remember not to turn the page, in which comes the chapter of breaking relationships. If we see it, we will read it. If we happen to read it, we will intuitively accept it. And we will embrace it. Rather, it will embrace us and we will have only one thing in our vast heart, sand dunes of selfish and egoistic feelings. It will be desert where, we can only hope for an oasis.

So I would like you to keep a good relationship with the world, which includes them, you and I, whom we will call as ‘we’.

Relationships will only help us build relationship with our inner self. Good relationship is life.
Go out, enjoy the beauty of Nature. She will be the best relationship you can ever make. And then live a life, which is alive.

muSICKal v.2


  1. good post..but i dont agree with that statement 'none actually looks at the moon' some people are there yaar waiting for the moon to come..

  2. but none praises the moon like "Oh! awesome moon-set"

  3. one praises moon-rise/set but while seeing moon in sky many one of us said "wow!moon!!" but how many of us said wow!sun!!?? His setting and rising is not getting praises but his "presence" gets appreciations and of course love...

  4. @gitanjali true to some extend. still moon deserves better.