Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Placement drive and I.

Heard it one day from our placement officer.

I said to myself, "yes, I can go home". Running away from the war-front was the first thing that came to my mind. But, I was given a responsibility. I tried hard to get rid of it. I had umpteen excuses.

Had to meet my girl friend (fictitious). Had sinusitis. Had asthma. Had listed out all inconveniences.
I was told to make up my mind. Could not.

But, when responsibility knocks, it comes with risk. Accept it as it's going to be good. read it somewhere in a philosophy book. I accepted it.

"Labeeb, you've got an opportunity. Do it. prove yourself." "yes, yes I'll do it. relax."
[I to myself].

I solved it this way. I split my personality in to 5 different angles of thought.

The willing me said, "Do it, whatever!!!".
The desperate me told, "you don't get any placement. You don't get anything good. you suck".
The hopeful me told, "These people get placed, and so the probability of me getting a job increases". Wait, wait, I can explain it. These people getting a job, won't come to compete with me when I'm in search of a job. Kewl, right?
Yes, Of course, the selfish giant in me commented, "You are an ..........., you don't understand. Why should you go for something, out of which you get absolutely nothing? Then why? Others get a job. What do you get?"
I confess, this me is that, which has dominated almost always in my life.
The social servant in me spoke at last. In a feeble voice, suffering from bad cold,and cough. Do it for others. You get God's blessings. They will silently pray for you. Other MEs suppressed this ME in me. He was still silent.

My consciousness tried its best in enlivening this ME. And to be frank, friendship and love has won over every MEs. Yes, he's back.

I was one of the happiest persons last day. When the drive was over, appreciation fell all over us. even our own college-mates appreciated (the rarest thing to happen in the college).

All are almost happy. Praises make us happy. And once again, the college, my alma mater, runs back to its original track. forgetting all these, and waiting for some miracles to happen.


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