Saturday, February 6, 2010


That feeling which always confuses me...

That feeling....

I always find it hard to name it.

I always get stuck between two words.

The words are obviously “love and infatuation”.

They say, infatuation isn’t serious enough to be love.

I anyway googled it to become more confused.

I confess I was never in love, rather I was infatuated.

The nearness of the one, who infatuated me,

Made my heart to compose new music.

Changed the tempo of my heartbeat.

Sometimes the tones went out of the octave.

Still I was never in love.

And to everyone, I say you can only,

Fall in love, with one and once alone.

When? May not we know.

I wish I could be in love with the one.

And then learn to differentiate between the words.

That confuses everyone who possess,

An inexhaustible vessel of love,

As I do.

As I do.....

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