Friday, August 13, 2010


You brought a smile on my face.
Your silence crawled down my throat,
Making every cells ache.
Always my wishes were that you be happy,
Wherever the wind of life has taken you.
Thoughts of yours, lighted
Even the darkest of the dungeons in me.
And then I celebrated everyday,

Every moment.

I found a new horizon to gaze at,
A new hope.
My dear, it were you.......

muSICKally yours,

Monday, June 21, 2010



“What is passion? How am I to know what my passion is? Why should I know my passion? Should I respect my passion?”

These are just some of the most difficult questions I’ve faced. These questions have invaded and ruled my mind. I’d an answer but it cried for help drowning in the thoughts of money making. I, though late, had helped the answer to life. And thus I’m muSICK.

I was planning to post something that I felt would change a flawed system. Had lots of thoughts pouring in until I sat in front of a paper holding a pen. I was stuck. I just could go a distance of 3 paragraphs and then found many ways to divert and knocked at Mr. Intorpidire’s . I knew he would help me if he’s alive.

He had his say. Write about something like this, ‘the call of the heart being unanswered’. In the sense, Mr. muSICK is muSICK and he’s planning to pursue higher in Engineering.

Mr. Intorpiodire is really against capitalism, industrialization, globalization, imperialism, neo-colonialism, post world war economy, Zionism, fascism, Nazism and… in short, the present social wounds. And now he’s working for a capitalist MNC. (Guess what? I too am against all these. Intorpidireji, kshamapan)

Mr. Neo, from the bottom of his heart wishes to be the most read author in India…. no the world and he’s ended up working for another IT firm.

Miss. RT so badly wanted to be a pilot and she’s now an Engineer. Reason, she’s a girl.

Who are we to blame? We blame fate, our environment, our parents, teachers, the society and never ourselves for being in a place we ought not to be.

A certain percentage of the whole blame, I believe has to come to our logical brain.

Come back. What is passion? Even if the whole humanity tries to define it, it remains incomplete. It’s something more than words. Man has always explained it in actions.

I’m just trying to give some hints to this question. This is the essence of this post, and I’m afraid I’m not perfect at speaking about this magic.

1. It’s something I would be proud to list among my achievements.

2. It’s something I would always try doing to find what we truly call happiness.

3. It’s something I always wish to do to find pleasure in.

4. ………….

5. ……….

Passion is what our souls call for. You never sacrifice love for money if you have found passion.

Ask anyone about their passion. I bet, a major percentage will not answer it immediately. Why? The sad reason is that none has even thought of it. I call them the Money-blinded. This generation (today’s youth) is mostly of this type.

Let’s see how.

Industrialization is good, Right? Seeing all these glamour it has brought, who can blame it to be bad?

Industrialization is the tongue of capitalism that taught men a lie. The lie is that ‘we’re to make money, more money and much more money’.

Here’s the trouble. Money-blinded society cannot be convinced about passion. Glamour seduced society would not understand the true spirit of mankind. We the industrialists are working hard on newer methods to cheaply exploit anything we see. We’ve exploited everything out of the bosom of Mother Nature for money. How sad. We’re in fact selling her out for money!

We claim that the productivity of the world is at its peak and all those stuffs. Are we not ourselves ridiculing? We are criminals. We’ve committed a major crime. We’ve prevented the world from realizing its true productivity. Productivity not in terms of money we made. But, in terms of love we cultivated, pleasure we had. Is it not the true productivity?

Money cannot find love, but passion does. I recall my favorite quote of my favorite author Kahlil Gibran. “Work is love made visible.” Are we making our love visible through what is called Money making?

A guy doing a job which has his passion as an ingredient can never be imagined saying things like this, “Oh, No! I got work today too”. But this is what we hear so much. Such people are tired and fed up with their job. Do you not se the reluctance in such questions?

This is how the cliché is. To work means to finish off all of our God-blessed energy.

Ask anyone who has found their passion as their way of making a living, to say things plainly. They never are fed up of what they do. They are always creative. Creativity is a gift for those who find their passion.

Love to the Nature and not exploitation can help her love us. And Passion can only save the world and its inhabitants. AWAKE, MONEY TAKES US TO HELL.

-----I would like to discuss so much on this topic. So please feel free to comment-----

muSICKally yours,