Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm a 'hard-luck' engineer... Am I?

[this post was actually made for forum]

I'm an ECE student from kerala. Our college is affiliated to CUSAT. We'd Infosys placement drive here. But I could not appear for the drive as I've got 5 active backlogs.

Wait, Don't blame me alone... I'd had enough. It's not my mistake alone. I study some days before the exam. all study as though they wanna be all-pass. I study as if I'm gonna be a great engineer who will need all these stuff in my work, and so I try understanding them. But when the result is out, I lose the game. I dunno other ways of learning, or may be my consciousness is not bothered to learn it for exams alone.

However, I admit that I've made mistake in choosing the time of learning. I must have studied before itself.

the second thing I doubt with proof is that the paper correction at CUSAT is based on the number of pages used. My next confession is I've never used an additional sheet in my entire engineering life, because I never needed them to express what they actually demanded through the question paper. I know lot more than people scoring more marks than me, I'm confident.
My essays won't be too long, but they'll have everything that is needed to come to the answer. After all I'm not studying for BA English literature. I'm studying Engineering. Still fate is different.

I remember times when I would call home saying so much confidently to my Mom that I'm going to be all-pass. But 5 semester exams, revaluation results and supplementary exam results have taught me, what it really means by engineering.

Ah.. quality of engineering.... I'm concerned.

A teacher never does the duty of teacher but dictator. Teachers do not possess the ability to imprint the contained idea in to the hungry minds. How can the quality of engineering be better?

I know people who are extremely intelligent who got stuck due to this flawed system. They've got better IQ and aptitude than anyone else around. Still fate is this weird.

I write this post, just because someone has to do this.

Can we people get a job? Is there any company which accepts these people? Is there any company which believes in the truth that success comes hand in hand with risks?



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  3. So really confused uh,dont wry the good work u have done will b rewarded u'l get placed soon GOD bless u