Saturday, March 20, 2010


It is science which proves and conquers most of the minds. And it is the mind where questions are manufactured. Science pretends to solve most of our problems. Science says man was born as a byproduct of a great process known as evolution. Evolution goes on, it’s a continuous process and we are just a byproduct; Homo sapien.

I got a correction. Man was born out of rEvolution.

Our biological ancestors [whoever it be] revolted against bad environmental conditions (constitutes a vague 77% to the cause). Many lost their existence. The ones left lived a life called Homo sapiens.

Though many of our ancestors could not stand adverse conditions, they never stopped melting metal to continue the chain of revolution. They had the hope. Rather, they only had hope. The hope drove them and now we are here.

We are born to revolt because it is in our blood. But the question that is manufactured next is “against what?” Our approach has become so mean that we use the word ‘against’ after revolt. We forget that we also are revolting ‘for’ the hope.

Are we supposed to revolt only against bad environment? Are we to keep mum against something wrong that does not come under our kingdoms?

In my humble opinion, revolt starts from ourselves and then on it is our selfless selves that carry the spirit.

We are to revolt against any flawed system, be it our minds, family, community or country or anything that influences social life. Once a system is flawed, it definitely is to change. None can actually prevent it. Yes! It is change that comes. It is evolution that affects.

If there weren’t any revolutions in history, humankind would soon have been history, with none to praise.

Any development, be it mental or material, is not mere development. It is development cooked in a revolutionary cuisine. It is the flag of success over the corpse of some negatives that once controlled the world.

Consider inventions. They are revolutions over our own disabilities.

Consider art. It is revolution over alphabets in spreading ideas. Music could connect souls.

Whatever aspects that pop-up in our minds have somehow got something to do with revolution.

And revolution isn’t about winning; it’s about not losing the hope. Revolutions in history are mostly accomplished in peace. [Wait! Don’t come up with a list having French revolution and the ilk]. Most are unrecorded revolutions in history.

Bloodshed may be chosen as the last of the options for revolutions. If blood is shed, someone will surely be born out of it to compensate it. And it will ultimately lead to…. No… It won’t lead us anywhere.

So people, revolt… for, it’s what we’re born for. It’s how we evolved.


  1. ya..we did revolutions and we do..but sometimes we inhibit revolutions and go for 'compromises'..compromises for peace...compromises for hope..why that so???

  2. compromises are revolutions of a kind.

  3. i cant accept musik's reply to geethu...... she is asking a question which need a clear answer..

  4. I wish mr. numb js understood what I meant. I js am tryin to convince geethu that, compromises are a kinda revolution. Revolutions can be peaceful, against t cliche created by someone unknown that, revolutions spill blood. Plz consider the broad aspect of revolution, that i've tried to depict to understand my opinion. Every step in our life is a revolution.

  5. Hi..
    Stumbled upon your blog via Dhilbar's recommendation. A pretty good write, keep up the work.
    About compromises being revolutionary - hmm, I can't seem to agree with you. Striking compromises with the way world is, is one thing; revolution is another. Anyway, that is a subjective topic I guess..

  6. thank you Arshed.Seems many need to know why I consider compromise a revolution. Here is my say.

    We compromise on certain terms.
    I go for compromise with someone when I revolt over my selfish desires. I am speaking it plainly. What we see around as compromises are just mock compromises with whole of the selfish agenda under the bed.
    we don't actually attain peace through them, do we?

    consider a scenario, of two tribes, who are on an age long fight or non-cooperation. one tribe has something very important for life in abundance. the other hasn't. both the tribes are to come for a compromise. so the tribe which has the important piece of cause, has to stop storing it selfishly, ie, revolt over the selfishness for the compromise. same way, the tribe which lacks this has to revolt over it's egoistic factor (in all, which prevents us from not accepting anything from any one. that which makes us think as if we are self sufficient.). And the mediator has to revolt over his own thoughts of being partial.

    What I mean to say is, we human beings are made of many feelings. feelings make us this way. so revolutions over our emotions sometime result in compromises, sometimes in non-cooperation sometimes in X and sometime in Y. even a step we take is revolution. And we are revolting beings.