Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I’ll miss you..

This is something more than an exaggeration. This is not a post to show my blog is not deserted. This is indeed a deserted blog depicting a deserted, barren mind. Oh! my oasis, love, I’m craving for you.
Ever since I’ve started enjoying the aesthetic sense of God, this specific tree that I’m going to talk about , has charmed me. As very unusual, this tree had not so many branches, not even leaves. She stood one of a kind among other classic trees an plants. In a sense she never provided shade to any traveler.
I even now am confused about what it actually symbolized.
She hadn’t any leaves - poverty?
She never seemed providing shade to anyone – misery? arrogance?
But her presence among others meant loneliness. It also meant her specialty.
The photographer in me, in these four years have always wished to capture the blue sky and the greenery on to the film with this beautiful tree and the bliss of her presence. I felt like she really possessed something divine to contain this beauty.
Whenever the bus passes by, I always look at her and I would say, “One day, I’ll get you pictured”.
My laziness and silly excuses to walk back to my hostel made me postpone my plans to get down at the location and get the beautiful snapshot.
This had two effects. I never pictured her and my love for her increased.
I’ve expressed my love towards this tree to many of my friends.
My last days at college always urged me to picture her. But I never did. I’d not added this tree and charm to the folder in my hard disk, which contains all my seductions to nature.
So this time, the last time I visit my college being a student, I was determined to do it.
Sitting in the bus, waiting for the place where she stood to arrive, I started from Adoor to Manakkala metro.
The right location is called Kanan Nagar. As soon as the bus reached this place, against all my expectations, I saw her Lay on the ground naked, dead in the emptiness of human thoughts. She was brutally raped. She raised many questions which went unheard.
She had been cut down by …………
I wasn’t sad, nor were I happy. I hadn’t the feeling of failure. This time, as my friend INTORPIDIRE says, I was numb.
If I’d pictured her on first sight, I would surely have forgotten her then and there. I would just praise the picture and time will erase her out of my memory.
My longing to picture her has made me love her so much, and this incident has made me miss her so much….
The tree was very special…. I miss you…

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