Monday, March 1, 2010

A funny train trip!!

Let this be funny. I had a really bad train trip last night. It goes this way.

I decided to catch Malabar express. It is scheduled to arrive at 12:03 am. But, from the thought of not disturbing anyone else, I left as early as 10:30 am (the previous day).

I walked along the platform in order to find my girl. I could not. So I thought of getting seated somewhere and read ‘The Prophet’ for the third time. When I walked towards the rest room, I saw a girl sitting with her Mom. Yes she’s the one. I said to myself, though she was short.

I tried listening to what they said. They were anxious about the upcoming journey. It smelled like she was going to be alone. I thought of somehow helping them and getting impressed. I am very poor in this aspect. I did nothing. They boarded another train in the opposite direction of my go and I lost the whole interest in the journey.

Next was the waiting for my train to come. The train arrived 30 minutes late. The train was beautifully crowded and had no space to place my legs. I struggled hard and obtained a small space to stand. It was near the door.

Standing in a heavily crowded train, people quarrel for silly reasons. First I believed that the people are cultureless to do this. Now I understand, it’s not the people but the position they occupy in such a crowd that determines what they speak. It’s just fate that they happened to be there. Even if it were me, I would have spoken the very same.

I couldn’t stand it long. How can a person stand on one leg for 7 hours, also in the night? So I got in to the sleeper class compartment and started my search for a berth. Got none. So I sat on a berth where a man was already sleeping, at his mercy.

When the TTR came for checking the ticket, I just told him about the crowd in the general compartment. So I stood there at the door. Then a man came and told me, some of his friends had got down at some stations and they all had their tickets up to a station yet to come. He told me it’ll be okay to use one of their tickets.

I accepted the favor. I thanked him. But the rest of my journey was just meant for escaping from a gay. This man had started acting weirdly. He had his hand on my knees. I covered my sensitive area with the carry case of my laptop. I escaped this once by saying that I wanted to wash my face. I went denied of my sleep just to prevent anything and everything I feared.

So I was sleepless that night. When I reached my station I got down and walked to the bus station. I saw a bus there with a destination board saying “Trivandrum FP”. I boarded the bus. I took a very comfortable seat. Many buses passed by. I wasn’t bothered since I had a seat. When the driver came in, he asked me of my destination and replayed mercilessly that, the bus was meant to take another route. So I got down and just saw another bus approaching. The other bus left.

When the door was open I saw some seats and just thought of getting in when I’d a rethought and I ran to the station master. I said to him “Sir, I lost my luggage!” He said, “Oh! You went careless about your luggage, listening to music” I had no words. I just have lost a luggage containing many of my valuables. He asked me the details of the bus and excavated a phone number. I offered my phone. He made two calls. But none picked. So he gave me the phone back. When taking the phone back, I adjusted the strap on my shoulder, which was about to fall. I looked at it, and then had surprisingly recognized the lost luggage hung on my shoulder!!!

Escape!! I had to escape. I needed excuses. How can I say that, “Oops, I’m so sorry about this Sir, last night’s sleeplessness has caused this”? That will really be bad. So I just said, “Sir, It’s alright, the luggage has only some clothes and eatables. I’ll try coming in the evening to collect the luggage. It’s a cover with ’LuLu center’ printed on it. And I as though feeling so down for the loss got out of the station master’s office.

I then with a guilt feeling boarded the bus for adoor.

Yaawwnnn!!! Sleepy+ headache.!!!

muSICKal v.2


  1. the name doesn't mean, I'd fun!!!

  2. It seems funny!! dear! Why couldn't u blow him nicely..I have the same experience for ma cousin who reacted in a way that the man will never do it again with anyone..He just slapped him rudely and screamed at him.. Great!!! ya.. He is ma brother in Law right now..