Thursday, August 20, 2009


Have you expressed love?


Have you experienced love?

Yes.... no.... yes...

You experience love only when,

you don't get back the love you deserve...

you experience love when the one you love,

walks, talks,plays........ with someone else in front of your eyes.

To be in love is that feeling that arises when we miss the love....

So what is love?

Still a mystery. No man on earth can explain it completely.

So is love; strange....


  1. love is not a drop of water,it is an ocean.... each and every drops in that ocean can define it differently

  2. i agree to u....

    love can also be a specific drop in an ocean, which the whole beings on earth are in search of.....

    the infinity of a single drop is the conflicting impracticality that's arising... and love is infinite, there we can define the divinity of love, something against our logic....
    love u all;;;;

  3. love everyone...cant we do wud be a different world then..
    stop the greed cos it makes me greedy

    stop the "i care only about myself and my family" sort of thing

    love everyone i tried to be the changei want to see in the im so alone..i cant stand it anymore.

    dont let go of one another for anyreason..